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Picking up again, Fino sees the barbeque skewers being handed out, and decides she wants one. She crawls underneath to get to the place. Then Raul sees the girls from Lawson Station. Ramidia says they’re there to see a demonstration of a magical oven. Well, a guy comes up to Ramidia and says he’ll be happy to show her the oven, and asks her name. When Ramidia responds, he calls her “Ram-chan.” Her reaction is in #3. Speaking of #3, there are those who would argue that I qualify for it… but I try not to show a woman taking it off unwillingly.Well, the episode ends with Raul bumping into Airi.

The Rock has “Boots To Asses.”  CM Punk has “Knees To Faces.”  Ramidia has “Knees To Nuts.”

Don’t sweat the haters, quamp!